Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Wise Wound

The other day I was perusing books in the library and came across this book called The Wise Wound. The prologue seemed a little wtf? to me:

"This is a book of many questions and some answers. What is this menstruation that half of the world undergoes? Has it any use, or any purpose? Is it like a vestigial organ, left over from an outworn evolutionary stage, or could it be the accompaniment of some hitherto unused ability in women? If it is an illness, why is it the lot of women suffer in this way? To some women it can be like changing and return, with depths and enhancements, even enchantments. To other its return is a torment. Which is it, blessing or curse? And, if curse, why does it fall on women alone?"

At the risk of sounding cynical:
It's a biological process, not a Dungeons & Dragons quest.


elinorigby said...

i don't know about you other ladies, but i have never experienced an "enchanting" period.

Anonymous said...

This book is actually known to be really good. It dives into menstruation history, so it may seem a bit weird. Read for yourself.

Shez said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this book, It should be read by anyone and everyone!


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