Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From the Honors College

Congratulations! We have just received the Assessment Form completed by your Faculty Sponsor with your grade for HONR 4000. You should be proud of your accomplishment in completing your project -- and are probably a little relieved as well. We are very pleased to inform you that your $1,000 Research Grant has been posted to your Revenue Account. We want you to know what a pleasure it has been having you as a member of The Honors College. Your participation and commitment to the Program are a positive reflection on the entire Central community and we hope you have found your honors experience a rewarding addition to your undergraduate academic career. Please let us hear from you with each success in your life – we am confident there will be many!

We am confident indeed. I'm doubtful I'll keep up much with the blog anymore, as comments seem to have tapered off, but I am working on the zine, which will probably be finished in a couple months.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Menstrual Blood Shows Heart-Repairing Stem Cell Properties

When menstrual blood was put with muscle tissue from some rats, it started to form a sheet of muscle tissue, kind of similar to stem cells. This is amazing to me. It's useful because if a woman uses her own blood to create tissue she needs, it eliminates the chances of her body rejecting it. (Men are SOL on this one, I suppose.) I don't know that much about how stem cells work, but I know they're important, so it's pretty cool that menstrual blood can have some of the same properties. Here's a link to the article.

In other news, I turned in my honors project today. Forty pages. Forty pages! I have never written anything nearly as long.

And I've started work on the paper zine I want to print this summer -- get excited!


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