Sunday, November 14, 2010

Celebrity endorsements

Sometimes I like to think about how, in a perfect world, not only would commercial pads and tampons be safe and healthy for everyone, but they would also have awesome celebrity endorsements. I don't mean like from standard A-list celebrities like Julia Roberts or Taylor Swift--that sounds totally boring and predictable. I'm thinking of women that might make lady-bleeding seem tough and bad-assssssss.

My short list:

Samus is tough as shit. Super Metroid has been one of my all-time favorite games for quite a while, and when I found out Samus is actually a lady, it enhanced my fandom 10,000%. Wouldn't it be awesome to swim through lava acid and find a SuperPlus upgrade? (cue upgrade music-you can click number 16 here)

Here's even a picture of her on her day off I found on It made me feel more awesome about my gyno exam.


I don't even know that much about Xena, but she's obviously bad-ass. I know enough about her to know that I would wear pretty much any kind of tampon she might endorse.

Unless it was made of fire.

Lady Gaga

When she creates this kind of theatrical imagery on her own, do I really need to add much of an explanation?

Anyone you'd recommend?


dreamer_98 said...

Um, heck yeah I'd wear tampons endorsed by Xena.


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