Monday, December 5, 2011

Cleaning Alternatives for Reusable Pads

The ladies at the Be Prepared Blog sent us a link to their new post discussing alternate cleaning products for reusable pads. They talk about H20 at Home's Eco-Clean Laundry Ball as well as a couple of organic washes. I personally never thought about using a different soap for my pads; usually I throw them in with my regular laundry loads. Yet they bring up a good point of the chemicals in laundry detergent sticking to your pads after you wash them (and who wants that near your ladyparts?). While we're on the subject, I have to give a plug for the Forever New wash. It's branded primarily for washing lingerie but I've washed some of my homemade pads in it as well. Are there any other products or methods you use to clean your reusable pads?


Jamie said...

I guess I never thought about the chemicals in laundry detergent. That said, I've been wearing detergent-washed panties right up in there all my life without incident...

The laundry ball thing kind of interested me, but when I googled it, the first result was a laundry ball wikipedia: "Laundry balls are falsely marketed as cheaper, environmentally friendly alternatives to ordinary washing powders or liquids. The manufacturers have misleadingly claimed many benefits..." haha. :)

This post is so timely for me though! Last weekend I got my very own washer and dryer for the first time and I'm currently in LOVVVVE with doing laundry for free in my own house.

Tara said...

You certainly have a good point with this wikipedia article. I probably would have agreed had I seen the post before trying the laundry ball. I am in no way affiliated with H20 other than the fact we did a giveaway because we like their products. I can tell you from personal experience, we wash our laundry with cold water using the laundry ball and it works great! I have rewashed laundry that has accidentally sat for too long w/out the laundry ball and the smell does not come out but with the ball it does. (somewhat proof that it does work better than using no soap) I too had used detergent all my life until the last year and never had incident, but you really never know the effects chemicals have on your body. (I'm a big believer in organic products both food & personal products as I've noticed a significant improvement in health after making these changes. Of course this is just my two cents. ;)

Congrats on the washer and dryer!

Bec from Clothcycle said...

I use a phosphate free product which does not derive its plant ingredients from palm oil (PlanetArk Aware). I think there are many similar products on the market. If not washing my pads with my usual laundry I use less powder as detergent residue can build up in fabrics, rendering them less absorbant. A good rinse is very important :)


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