Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello again

I got my period yesterday and thought of how much I enjoyed doing this project. Then I realized there's really no reason why I can't continue blogging about the vaginal stigmata. And so I will.

PS - I finished the zine in July and it's totally kick-ass. It's called Menstruator Extraordinaire and it is available for purchase through my etsy, .

Get yours today!!

Real-life etsy reviews from satisfied customers:

  • I teach a Young Feminisms class, and needed recent zines to show them. Your work is amazing, and I hope it inspires my class to do some zine making of their own.
  • This is officially my new favorite thing everrrr in the world. I can tell you put great effort forth and I really appreciate being able to enjoy the product of your hard work. Thanks. Seriously.
  • Great zine! As a fellow menstruation academic, I will put it to good use.



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