Thursday, September 25, 2008

Transgender Menstruation

A couple nights ago on MSNBC (I think), I watched a show about a FtM transgender boy and his FtM mentor. It was a touching story. The boy was about fourteen/fifteen. I'm not sure how long he had been transitioning, but one thing he mentioned being terrified of was getting a period. His mom said one day he had one tiny spot of blood and flipped out. I have no idea what that must be like, but I imagine it's very disturbing.

So then I was thinking about what else menstruation might mean to different members of the trans community. A little googling led me to learn about Korean transsexual pop singer Harisu. She got famous by doing make-up commercials, but what caught my attention was the commercial she did for disposable pads.

I can really see how those transitioning female-to-male would want to avoid menstruation altogether, but I wonder how it's viewed from a MtF perspective?


Anonymous said...

As a MtF myself, I find that not having periods is sort of a relief. The one blessing in all of this curse when compared to a genetic woman. The price for it is being barren though.

So it's like, would genetic women give up their ability to have children to stop their periods?

That's sort of how I feel. I am still pre-op, but even after post - that will be the critical difference between a genetic woman and I: one will have periods and a baby and one won't.

kimberly said...
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting and something to think about!


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