Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Softcup Update

After my last post about Instead Softcups, I received an email from Tracey Croughwell, Evofem's vice-president of marketing. She confirms what I was thinking about their new look!

She writes:
I saw your piece on Instead Softcups and wanted to get in touch with you since I work for the company. We are indeed re-launching Softcup with a new look. After many years of being kept on store shelves solely by the will of our extremely loyal customers, we now actually have a little investment to spread the word about Softcups.

You'll probably start to see the new packaging on store shelves sometime after March. March, in fact, will be a great time to stock up, because we'll be putting coupons on the old packaging to try to sell it quickly to get the new packaging on the shelves.

So there's your inside scoop about Softcups for the day. 


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