Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Power of the V?

I've posted about Summer's Eve's "Hail to the V" commercials before, but they've reached a whole new level of ridiculousness with their latest spot: I never realized all the great battles in history were fought over getting some pussy. The whole epic set-up to advertise for vaginal cleansing products is both laughable and in my opinion rather offensive. Depicting men fighting over a woman (or more specifically her va-jay-jay) is objectifying rather than empowering. I guess it's impossible to fathom that men would want a woman for anything other than the power of her lady parts, like her personality. So I guess the lesson here is to keep your vagina clean and you'll have men fight epic battles over you. Or something.


Aana Rae said...

Actually I think the part I find most offensive in the grand scheme. Is at the end: "So come on it some love" in that chiding voice, as though she's really saying, "You don't use vaginal wash, what are you stupid?". If people really want to fight over my vagina, fine, but I'm not using their stupid product to...I don't know make the world more violent...somehow? Weird.

Jamie said...

It may just be the type of work I'm coming from (rape crisis/violence prevention work), but I can't help but think of this in a "spoils of war" type context--that is, the historical mass raping of women in defeated/oppressed/disempowered nations.

Alex Horton said...

That commercial is just obscene.


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