Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bad ideas

Today I was thinking about the title "Period Piece" and how I've never really been completely in love with it. I like "Menstruator Extraordinaire" a lot better.

I was considering changing this from P.P. to M.E., but thought that was a bad idea because it's a pain to spell out M.E. (hence the abbreviations).

Then I thought about ways that I could maybe shorten it, and the first thing that came to mind was Mens. Ex.
Men Sex.

That's way hilariously misleading. So bad idea. Any better names?


Caitlin said...

How about 'bloody hell'?

Heh, well it amused me...

I rather like the name 'Menstruator Extraordinaire', even with the slightly dubious abbreviation...

Jamie said...

Bloody Hell's pretty good.

I can't believe in all of my brainstorming sessions, that never came to mind...


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