Monday, October 6, 2008

Clever.... or no?

Something about this I don't like.
Perhaps it's my general disdain for unwitty slogan t-shirts.
Or maybe it's my unfailing need to over-seriously apply logic to just about every aspect of everything:
How does bleeding for 5 days and not dying make someone untrustworthy?
It logically makes her tough, or persistent maybe. But I see no connection to trustworthiness.


spikeyfan said...

Slogan t-shirts are very hard to make "just right". Most of the slogan tees out there have been done before, may be
funny but are so offensive you won't wear it in public, just not funny, and some are almost funny - but
just miss the "it" that would make it funny. I personally like to find the indy type of shops, Buzzy Multimedia
& Think Geek while not all their tees are off the charts with funny,
there are many very clever ones to be found.


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