Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Menstrual intercourse

I have this article here. I can't decide if I like it or not. It's a guy writing about having sex during a woman's period. I like it and don't like it at the same time.

Now, I know which side of the fence I fall on on this topic. I do not like having sex during my period. Not only do I feel completely gross (my oil glands go into overtime), I also find that my vagina is much less receptive to any kind of stimulation during that time. However, I think it's great if couple's decide to engage in this act. I can see it as a very bonding kind of act.

The guy writing this article seems to be all for it, and I like that he supports whatever decision a couple decides to make, and even offers alternatives to actual intercourse. I like some of the euphemisms he uses like "closed for maintenance" and "seducing vampires". I like his general attitude toward this whole taboo act.

However, some of the points he makes seem to be towing the line between being awesome, and being a closet misogynist, like this sentence here about blow-jobs "The fact that she completes this act of lovemaking and accepts a part of her man into her body makes her a woman worth keeping (of course, not if you're paying her by the hour)." or this gem "or are engaging in casual sex with the bucktoothed girl that helps you get rid of a load or two every now and again"

Even with these little jabs at womanhood though, I feel like he has a pretty good attitude toward the taboo menstrual intercourse. Most people aren't even willing to talk about it, much less give you tips (I like the diaphragm tip, anybody know if you can have sex with a Divacup in?) on how to enjoy it, even if you think it's a little gross.

So keep on keeping on, Mr. Strovney, but watch how you speak about women a little more carefully.


Awkward Opus said...

Yeah, those phrases are not only misogynistic, they're also not clever at all. H. and I enjoyed a Day One bloodbath first thing this morning; we're a "throw a towel down and hop in the shower" kind of couple. This morning was hilarious, though; we looked like we'd crawled across a battlefield! Even that aspect is bonding, though; we shower together afterward, giggling at the visceral beauty of our bloodied bodies.

Fragmentary Green said...

On the Livejournal comm for menstrual cups, the general advice for period sex is to use an Instead. Or, if your cups tend to ride high, a smaller cup with no stem-say a small MeLuna soft with a ball stem.


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