Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Potatoes!!

So, this is more a personal anecdote.

When I was about twelve or so I came across (or possibly dreamed since I have not been able to EVER find the information again) some piece of something informing me that Russians (at least in my mind, maybe the Irish or the Swedes, again, remember I can not find this information again) used to use potatoes as tampons. At this impressionable age I thought "If this was effective at one point why not go back to it?", and my little brain started to run with the idea.

I drew diagrams for a thing that ultimately looked like the end of a pasta maker that's purpose was for easily cutting potatoes into a shape that would easily fit in someone's vagina. And I spent a lot of time thinking about the project. Marketing, production, advertising. Sadly for me, I had none of the tools necessary to make this product for myself much less market it, and so the idea died.

After being asked to work with my blog the idea resurfaced, though now I think that that would be silly. I don't know that vegetables would make the best tampons because of their instance on rotting.  But we do need to keep our minds open to new alternatives. Anyone else ever come up with crazy ideas for menstrual products?

Live Long and Prosper


Jamie said...

hahaha, this is the first I've heard of this! Potatoes don't seem like they'd be absorbent. More... slippery, hahaha.

I haven't personally come up with any ideas like that, but after I read your post, I was thinking of that episode of South Park where Cheech & Chong are naturalists trying to sell tampons made out of Cherokee hair.

Aana Rae said...

That was a great episode, and I loved the commercial they had for the Cherokee hair tampons.

Also, like I said, none of the information my idea was based on has been able to be verified at all in any way. I have looked and looked.


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